Our ability to think is a double-edged sword. As a tool for creativity and problem solving, thinking is a wonderful ability indeed. But when the table turns and our thinking takes a negative turn, or persistent thought patterns become destructive rumination, our happiness and well-being take a nosedive.   

The saving grace is somewhat paradoxical. We can neutralise the negative thinking courtesy of our ability to think about our thoughts. Once we develop the skill of thinking about thinking, we can bring our rumination under control, and we can get a bit better at managing where to place our attention. 

In this episode I explore ways in which we can manage a troublesome thought stream, and further reduce our stress levels by combining this technique with some simple breathing exercises.

In this short piece, I talk about creating confidence at a point of uncertainty. Just enough confidence to do whatever is necessary and to provide space to reflect and plan the next single step. True confidence requires that you work in the moment and stay away from both the troubles of the past and worries about an uncertain future. Thinking about the next move is always conjecture. Build confidence for this moment.


Quiet comes in many forms. Introversion, shyness, lack of confidence perhaps - but there are many more powerful forces that can be at work when someone is, or becomes, quiet. Is it my job as coach to help release someone from a prison of quiet - or to help them live a happy and fulfilled life as a quiet person?

if you don’t consider yourself to be an expert, reframe it this way. It’s not about status - it’s about behaviour over time. A true expert sets out to learn, to show up and to share for the benefit of others. 

We all aspire to be authentic - to be genuine, straightforward and believable. However, it's not a title we can simply bestow upon ourselves. How can we go about getting it? And where do we get it from?

It's hard to talk about yourself - so here's how to get other people to do it for you. Getting your ideas featured in print - or on blogs or podcasts - is the fastest way to grow an audience that isn't limited to your own pool of connections or social media followers. And it gives a huge boost to your profile and credibility. In this episode I share some simple techniques to help you make this happen.

Over the years, I've come to realise that everything I put out there is a test run. Even when I'm convinced it's the real thing, best ever, most perfect version or whatever - in the end it's a test. We learn from everything. This episode explores how and why I test all my workshops before I put a price tag on them - and how the testing ensures everyone gets the best - and highest value - result.

We are all drawn towards the familiar. We tend to be drawn towards others who share our values - who find meaning and purpose in the same things. These are the people with whom we most readily find empathy. These are the people we will trust most readily, with whom we seek to build relationships and over time build loyalty. We can use this virtuous circle of values, empathy, trust, relationship and loyalty to build our own following. This short episode explains how. Spoiler: you can't miss out a step, nor can you rush this - but the rewards will be significant and long lasting.

We are all storytellers now, like it or not. That creates a great deal of pressure, especially if you don't regard yourself as a writer. Apart from anything else, it's immensely hard to write about yourself anyway. This episode deconstructs the myth that you need to be a great copywriter to do storytelling well. It explores the idea of multi-faceted stories - built up of elements that appeal to all the senses, which bring emotion into play, and which are more 'multi-media' in nature.

It might just help you get to work on your own personal story starting from the angle that most appeals to you, your confidence and your strengths.

In this introductory episode, I set out the underpinnings of this podcast series – that a clear understanding of values helps us find our place in the world and work towards success on our own terms. It's about understanding the stories we tell ourselves about our confidence, credibility and capabilities. Getting clear about who we should seek to connect with and why. Crafting the stories we need to tell others to build great relationships and connect with others.

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